Black Apple

Where do i find my hope?
I told them, my hope is in the future. It is not the battle that ignites the flames of my artistry, it is the change, the after math and consistency of it all. It is the idea of finally quenching a thirst after being born into a world where water seems to only come from the tears that have been cried and blood that has been shed. it is the want of a better world for us all.  the bright red birds remind us to check our confidence and move forward no matter the obstacles in our paths.I and many withing my movement find it truthful to acknowledge that the racist and discriminatory experiences we have persevered From have not destroyed us but they have hurt us. We don't find the strength to be black and powerful in a world that doesn't want us, we find that strength in ourselves, In our ancestors, in celestial beings that protect and watch over us. wE are all apples in gods eye. our skin is just black. We are Black apples.

Black Apple                                                    24 X 36

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