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Look at here. 

A afro child with hair. 

Black power pick 

Smile kept on so slick 

You’d never think twice 

You’d have to give a child advice.

But many children never grow and some grow to fast. 


Not all children are raised the same 

Some children must find hope through the pain. 

Some take care of mommy and or daddy 

Some children fight to survive. 


They say children should play. 

That’s not always the case. 

Some children change diapers some 

Children cook dinner some children 

Learn from young the cruelties of the world. 

Some children live in broken homes 

Some don’t know when their next meal will come. An imagination is an escape for some kids who once lived in a dark dark place. 


Some kids are very loved by mommy and or daddy. But the world fights them for being gay. 

Some children are hated for the color of their skin I know this story very well. I lived it every day. 


In the end every child ages but not every child grows. Teddy dream represents what’s beneath the surface of what Happy and contentment  most people feel children must have. 


They saw bright colors toys a happy face.... but all along... it was just an escape. It was all just a Facade 

A child was once to be seen not heard and that’s a problem. some children have lived a very long life before they’ve grown old.
childhood traumas, stories never told.that’s what teddy dream is about. A rough childhood without a doubt. 

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