-Harold A. Waight

Harold A. Waight Art, is an Artist specializing in revolutionary ways of changing perception through paintings that deliver an all inclusive experience. Each Painting of "Bridges of humanity" is not only presented through original music, fashion and art. but it is presented through Art Videos concentrated on topics of interest that inspired a cause for awareness through Harold's Art . Harold tackles topics of interest that are of close relevance to his personal experiences and to those experiences of those closest to him. These topics reflect movements, conditions, perceptions and include Womens Rights, LGBTQ+ rights, BLM, HIV, Cancer, Lupus, Mental Health etc... The artist believes that in order to progress as the human race. We must find the love for humanity by asking the necessary questions that allow us to reflect and understand the different experiences, values & morals that separate us. He believes that one cannot truly love without understanding who they are loving first. He believes that Empathy & relevance is the missing factor within his time. He plans on changing this by acknowledging the different bridges of humanity that we all walk, bridges that are built with our own understanding of whats right and what is wrong. Different roads, different perspectives.  To wear his symbol is to commit to finding the love for humanity by asking the necessary questions that move us closer to a world in need of love.

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