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                                A self portrait in which all events that transpired within 2020 have been documented. In this self portrait I portray the perspective of my experience in 2020.

"The apple never falls 
too far away from the tree." A popular quote that I took a literal approach to. With the reality of so many friends and family passing away due to covid. I could not but help remember how I am the child of my mother and father. I am the apple. and as the apple, I learned to lean on my spirituality during tough times. in the eyes of this self portrait you will see a scene of police brutality. from the bite mark of the head on the right eye, grows an apple tree. This apple tree symbolizes my background, my family, my upbringing. from the apple tree grows a crown of thorns, this to document my reliance on my spirituality during unsettling times. 

On the right side of this portrait, stands the Statue of Liberty. Wearing a covid 19 mask. behind the Statue of Liberty are iconic monuments to symbolize world wide catastrophe regardless of race or culture. behind the monuments, is the burning of forests in Australia and the west coast. to the top right is an airplane that documents the fall of the aviation industry. 

on the left there is a silhouette of the Protests sitting in front of the Taj Mahal that speaks t the cast system and the riffle tower that speaks to the injustices that were being brought to life in Paris just as in America. 

on the top left, a ufo is spotted. in 2020 the pentagon confirmed the presence of extraterrestrial life forms. Further top left, are comments, in 2020 there was a comment heading for planet earth and it grazed the surface. 

in the middle of this portrait sits a child to document the captive children in cages that were separated from there families and held to stand trial. 

The back of the artist has arrows indicating the uncertainty, fear and fight that felt during one of the most historical years of this lifetime. 


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