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ABOUT The Art:

His original pieces touch on topics such as lupus, hiv, cancer, Womens rights, Black lives, climate change and human rights. His works have said to be controversial as each painting does not only speak to the current state of the world but to conditions from individual perspectives of the human race now, then and to come. The style has said to be a mixture of Kahlo meets Dali. Most of the paintings fall under the surreal category and although colorful in nature, hold depth within a morbid complexity. these paintings are definitely a talking point in which perspectives can be questioned in order to understand humanity, our environment and impact change to grow from all things learned.  

Who is Harold Waight?

Harold Waight is a Painter with a strong educational background in Photography and Image Consulting. 
Harold's major goal is to use his work to impact change. His work has varied from portraits, to abstract and even the erotic. He is a original contributor of Getty Images and has had Art, Photography and Activism work published in Vogue, Paper, DBQ, Quintessential, Vanity, Nylon, WWD, Tenz, 7 Hues and several other media platforms around the world. Harold has had major strides in the abolishment of human trafficking, homelessness, Black Lives Matter Movement & ending hunger. Today he resides in the City Of New York where he continues to work towards a better tomorrow through his art and influence.

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