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About The Art:

Harold Waight's journey as an artist is a testament to the influence of his rich cultural background and diverse life experiences. His paintings serve as a medium to convey social consciousness, drawing inspiration from his upbringing in San Ignacio Cayo, Belize, where he was immersed in a blend of Mayan, Caribbean, and Latin cultures.


Upon relocating to the United States, Waight's art evolved to reflect the amalgamation of his multicultural and multiracial encounters, shaping the foundation of his artistic endeavors. Through a whimsical and playful approach, he infuses his unique life experiences into his work, creating a tapestry of fictional and nonfictional characters that celebrate the diversity of his own narrative.


Waight's earlier works intricately weave stories around his characters, exploring human rights issues from various perspectives across different timeframes. However, his recent focus has shifted towards preserving and promoting interracial and multicultural representations, each character encapsulating a distinct narrative that explores the infinite spectrum of cultural experiences.


Colorful and vibrant, Waight's paintings vividly symbolize diversity and inclusivity. Not only known for his artistic talent, but also for his advocacy for human rights, Waight uses his platform to shed light on pressing social issues. His activism has garnered recognition in prestigious publications such as WWD, The New York Times, Vogue, and Paper magazine, solidifying his status as a change maker in the art world.


With a meticulous painting technique honed through his background in photography, Waight intricately layers richly pigmented brushstrokes to bring his creations to life. Balancing surgical precision with boundless imagination, he challenges stereotypes and invites viewers to reimagine a world where appearance does not define one's identity.


Driven by his multicultural upbringing and fashion industry experience, Waight's artistry exudes a wild yet controlled essence, capturing the essence of harmonious textures, colors, and compositions. Through his unique style, he invites us to embark on a journey of self-discovery and cultural appreciation, urging us to embrace the diverse and colorful world that surrounds us.


2023- Liberation Art Gallery, Brighton East Sussex,  UK

2023- Tranquility Art Gallery - Woodstock GA, USA

2009- Moca Museum Of Contemporary Art, USA


Solo Exhibitions

2023 - A moment in time (Woodstock, GA)

2022 - Humanity (Flatiron, NYC) 

2019- KINK (Bushwick, NYC)

2017 - Cocain (Bushwick, Nyc) 

2015 - extraordinarily Beautiful People (Chelsea, NYC)

2011- Lets Make Art (Bed Stay, NYC)



2022 - FjalRaven 

2020 - Industrius 

2015 - The Set NYC 


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