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Harold Waight is an Art Life style brand specializing in the customazation of luxury living and businesses


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Established in 2009 CEO Harold J.A Waight has worked along side many celebrities, Businesses & Organizations in the development of all things image by using his Art, Photography and Fashion Expertise to enhance/Elevate Businesses and client Image. Today we offer Hand Painted Custom Designed Murals, Fine Art, miscellaneous Art paraphernalia & Services.

Harold Waight is an Artist. He has been described as a Revolutionary Artist. He is a Painter, Photographer and Image consultant who establishes platforms for other creatives within the LGBTQ+ and minority communities to have a place to show and grow. His work has varied from portraits, to abstract and even the erotic. He is a original contributor of Getty Images and has had Art, Photography and Activism work published in Vogue, Paper, DBQ, Quintessential, Vanity, Nylon, WWD, Tenz, 7 Hues and several other media platforms around the world. Harold has had major strides in the abolishment of human trafficking, homelessness, Black Lives Matter Movement & ending hunger. Today he resides in the City Of New York where he continues to work towards a better tomorrow through his art and activism.

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Who is Harold Waight?

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