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Mental Health Awareness

The inspiration behind HOTMESS comes from identifying toxic situations relationships and environments. It is often spoken that the first step to getting over anything is acknowledgment. It is in many cases hard to acknowledge toxicity when a person is far too deeply involved and in some cases invested. Our voices are muffled underneath all the gauze of anxiety, fear, stigma, and depression. Investments make it hard to leave situations relationships and environments. The hardest investments to walk away from are those that are given our time and love. Many people are living life in a straight jacket. They do the same things, see the same people, stay at the same jobs but expect different results. This in fact is mentally draining if it is not a desired effort. I found it necessary to bring attention to the self awareness part of mental health. The part where one is to acknowledge that in order to exit a picture, one must get up and walk away. It was perhaps the most difficult and scary thing for me to do, but happiness is priceless. Self Toxicity is a HOTMESS. I look at this painting and say "Wow, it showed me where I was in life and it freed me." If you are in the same predicament, I hope it does the same for you.

IMG_1939 2.JPG

VIDEO Credits:

Art/Creative Director: Harold Waight

Actor: Chavis Aaron
Dancer: Grace Cuny
Video: Matthew Levine
Photo: Jason Sanders
MUA: Lindsay Kastuk
Hair: Jarrod Henderson
Music: Elijah Shoy Barron

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